Choose sailing if you want to save the planet!

People usually think of sailing vacations as a funsy treat for themselves. Actually, it’s something more meaningful. Normally, a sailing trip can last for a minimum of 3 days and continues for as long as you prefer. Also, there are some people who choose to live on a sailing boat for the rest of their […]

Combine adventure and vacation with one of a kind experience in Greece!

In Greece, we are in love with the salty smell of sea waters and we don’t lose the chance to feel every single summer breeze. While sailing, you become one with nature. It is like you are born again. You get full of excitement and ready to surpass every limit. Does it ring any bell […]

How many different experiences can you live from a single trip? Travel to Greece if you want to find out.

Greece The greek hospitality begins from the country’s nature. More than 50 classic destinations are waiting to explore them. The delicious food and the majestic beaches will steal your heart. Saronic & Argolic Gulf Classic and chic Enjoy your vacation to Saronic & Argolic gulf all year round. It is perfect for every age and […]