The greek hospitality begins from the country’s nature. More than 50 classic destinations are waiting to explore them. The delicious food and the majestic beaches will steal your heart.

Saronic & Argolic Gulf
Classic and chic

Enjoy your vacation to Saronic & Argolic gulf all year round. It is perfect for every age and situation. Hydra, one of the Saronic & Argolic gulf’s islands, is a yachting paradise for swimmers who enjoy calm waters. You can find multiple museums at the cobblestoned streets. Another island you must visit is Spetses. Spetses has a long naval tradition which played a crucial role for the Greek War of Independence. It looks like the time has stopped at 1821 for this small piece of land. Get a tour around on a horse-drawn carriage or a bike. If you are lucky enough, you can participate in “Spetsathlon” which is a mini Marathon. Poros is another option mostly for summer vacations. The Temple of Poseidon and the Lemon Forest are the jewels of the island. Your trip to Saronic & Argolic Gulf should start from Athens. The International Airport of Athens, “Eleftherios Venizelos”, has correspondence with every corner of the world. It is accessible by metro, bus, train and taxi.The easy transportation gives you the ability to move to taste every beauty of the city. Also, Piraeus is the biggest port of Athens with many marinas following along the coast of the Attica peninsula. Our fleet is located in Alimos Marina and ready anytime to show you the beauties of Saronic & Argolic Gulf.

One choice for every preference.

Cyclades is the perfect location to visit many famous greek islands in a short time. The blue waters and the white houses of the Aegean will give you the best “clicks” to share on social media. Would you like to have the best honeymoon watching the sunset of Santorini or relaxing at the wild white beauty of Sarakiniko in Milos? What would you choose between swimming in blue and green waters at Koufonisia or windsurfing in Naxos? You can experience all of them and many more once you arrive there. You can start your trip from our base in Mykonos, the island of the Winds, which is famous for its luxury lifestyle and parties. The most well-known restaurants, beach bars ( like Super Paradise, Nammos etc.) and the windmills are the attractions of the island. In order to arrive there you can book a flight to the Airport of Mykonos or a ferry ticket from either Piraeus or Rafina port.

Become a time traveller and solve the mystery of nature.

Dodecanese will let you live an adventure in time. You can start your time travelling by visiting Nisyros. The island is a creation of volcanic eruptions and is still active. You can swim in the turquoise waters right next to the ancient remains at Kos island or you can pay a visit to Leros, the island of Artemis (greek goddess of forests and hunting). After, you must go to the rocky caves of Karpathos to see the monachus monachus monk seals. Have the full experience of pure nature, especially in Tilos, where an ecological park with rare species of birds and flowers is protected by International treaties. Find the best natural sponges of the world at Kalymnos island right before you go to Rhodes. Rhodes and the preserved medieval Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be the base. The name of the island means “rose” and the island itself is as elegant and romantic as its name. Arriving at Rhodes by ferry takes a while but it is cheap and gives you the opportunity to pass from other greek famous islands. If you want to save time, you can choose the option of a plane. The airport of Rhodes is only a few minutes out of the island’s capital city where you can find our yachts.

Ionian Islands
Live your fairy tale and become a noble.

Their majestic scenery will let your mouth wide open. Golden beaches, crystal-clear blue-green waters and lush green nature can be found on every Ionian island. We suggest Lefkada for watersport, Zante for Shipwreck Beach (Navagio) and the Blue Caves. Ithaki, the home of Odysseus, is calm and relaxing. Skorpios, the private island which was once in the hands of Aristotle Onassis, sure proves Ionian islands worth every penny. Melissani Lake in Kefalonia is amazing for a little boat trip. Also, Corfu, the further north Ionian island, has the Old Town of Corfu as another UNESCO World Heritage Site of Greece. We choose Cordu as our fleet base because it is easily accessible. There are two ports and an airport for you to decide.