The weather becomes warmer and you have booked a lovely sailing boat for your holidays. You know that in a few days you will be sailing to beautiful destinations and will be enjoying your vacation time. It is your first time sailing though, and you do not know how and what to bring with you. You have experience only onshore so, what should you prepare now?

1. First things first!
There is no discount when it comes to protection from the sun. Especially now that you will spend more hours exposed to strong and dangerous sunrays. To protect yourself from burns and dizziness, you must buy a sunscreen for your face and body of at least 30spf, a light-colored hat and a pair of sunglasses.

2. Avoid dehydration.
Even if you try to stay away from the dangerous sunrays, there is a high possibility to get dizzy and dehydrated because of the heat. Drinking at least 2 litters of water per day and preparing fresh juices and smoothies to boost your energy, might be proved extremely thoughtful. Whenever you are onshore take advantage of the opportunity to buy packs of table water. You cannot buy much, though. Be careful of how many bottles you can store on board.

3. “Please babe, let me bring one more luggage!”
There is no doubt that women tend to pack more than men whenever they are on vacation. Please ladies, are you really going to bring your whole wardrobe with you again? Space is limited and you will wear your swimsuit most of the day! Think clever and leave overload packing for another time! Of Course, you will find clean towels and linen once you arrive at your yacht.

4. “A hungry bear doesn’t dance!”
There is a Greek saying, which claims that whoever is hungry, does not have the energy to do anything. Every sailing vessel has at least one electric fridge. When you will buy table water, do not forget to also buy some snacks and food that you can cook and eat on board. We do not recommend you though to buy a lot (maybe for one or two days?). Also, fishing is a good alternative, but you should know which fishes are edible. You could lean on the local’s knowledge and willingness to inform you about any of these things. In case you do not want to spend more time before your departure, for the beginning of your trip, you can send us an inventory list with everything you would like to be provided before your check-in and we will take care of the order and shipping.

5. Interested in water sports?
As we already mentioned, you can take advantage of your sailing time to feed your soul and body (ex. fishing) with water activities. The most popular activities are SUP serf and kayaking/canoeing as they are joyful and not extremely demanding activities. The SUP is also very useful as a means of reaching the mainland as an alternative to the tender. Remember, however, get a waterproof bag or backpack to store your wallet and mobile phone. Another option, especially for the lovers of nature and children, is snorkeling. Wear your mask and fins to meet colorful fishes, to collect natural sponges and (if you are lucky enough!) to see dolphins. No worries, we can provide you all the necessary equipment with a little extra cost.

6. Baby on board.
It is very important when you travel with a child to take actions for their protection. We would recommend a children safety net to you. Not much to negotiate here!

Is there anything else you think we forgot? We believe that you cannot start your trip without these necessities. Do you think they are too much? If you do not want to have any worries about cooking, cleaning and/or sailing, there is always the option to hire a hostess and/or a skipper. They will manage all the tasks for you as they are professionals with high experience. In any case, you can always contact your agency and ask about what you should prepare beforehand. Remember, it is your holiday time! Be simple and well informed by your agency is all you need to do. A good agency is all you need. Enjoy your holidays!