In waves and storms, people tend to get afraid of the sea. Everybody knows that a well-maintained vessel is the be all and end all. But how can somebody be sure that the vessel he chose is safe?

1) Out of the water.
The maintenance begins every winter and ends every spring. The vessel is sent to the shipyard so shipbuilders and marine engineers can begin the inspection. First, a coat of anti-fouling paint must be applied. On the hull of each vessel, hundreds of subaquatics organisms stick on it and affect the performance and durability of the boat. Thus, the organisms get detached from the hull and get replaced by a protective outer layer of paint. Next follow the electromechanic equipment and the sails. All the equipment should run smoothly and there should be no holes on the sails. Every mechanism on the boat, from the toilet to the engine, must work faultlessly.

2) Make it shiny.
We talked about the functionality of the vessel, but it is not enough. Although mechanical maintenance is very important for a boat, its appearance is also significant. The interior of the boat is mostly made from wood and many scratches and marks are detectable. As many of them happen by accident, we need to scrub and wax the wooden surfaces to look as new. But the same happens for metal surfaces as marks can be spotted there. In addition, a special treatment needs to be applied to wooden floors in order to clean them from spilled drinks, dust or other dirt. All in all, a vessel must be shiny, clean and ready for the new sailing season.

3) The last details
Now that our boat is ready to return to the sea, it is time for our last check. Enough lifevests, fireworks, rope and more should be available on board at any time in case of danger. Moreover, it is common to break a mug or a glass and to lose a fork in the sea by accident. As a result, all the above should be replaced with new ones. This check is planned before every trip. The same goes for towels, blankets and other amenities that are offered.

Port Vendres, France, August 2018
New Beneteau Oceanis 46.1
Ph: Guido Cantini / Beneteau

Now that our boat has been renewed with a lot of love and professionalism, it is ready to host the first guests. After so many steps of maintenance and checks, it is more than safe to say that you should have no worries about your vacation.