In Greece, we are in love with the salty smell of sea waters and we don’t lose the chance to feel every single summer breeze. While sailing, you become one with nature. It is like you are born again. You get full of excitement and ready to surpass every limit. Does it ring any bell for you? Sailing rallies!

Sailing rallies are organised every year around the 28th of October. On the 28th of October in 1940, the Greek president, Ioannis Metaxas, said “NO” and denied the Italian invasion in Greece during World War II. From that time on, the Greek nation celebrates the 28th of October as a national holiday.

But, for the Greek yachting world, it has an even deeper meaning. It is also the official end of the season and the beginning of preparations for the next one. Thus, it was decided to organise sailing rallies in that period of the year to celebrate both events. Of course, sailing rallies can happen on other dates but those around the 28th of October are the most important ones. This year, due to Covid-19 safety rules, the rallies had less audience and participants than other years. Even so, they were not cancelled!

One of the most famous rallies is the one of Hydra in the Argolic Gulf. Decades of sailors decide to participate every year and travel round-way from Faliro (Athens) to Hydra. Among them are some of the finest yachts and best-trained crews of the Eastern Mediterranean. Sailing rallies combine adventure, relaxation, unique experiences and exploration. Usually, a match happens every two days in order to get a taste of each Greek island you find on your way. You get the time to relax and meet local people who are more than willing to show you their hospitality. Tasty traditional plates, local music and festivals are the most common pleasures.

Have you ever thought of taking part in any race? You can book your holiday trip for the upcoming races and ask to participate. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be more than happy to show you the real passion of Greek sailors!