People usually think of sailing vacations as a funsy treat for themselves. Actually, it’s something more meaningful.

Normally, a sailing trip can last for a minimum of 3 days and continues for as long as you prefer. Also, there are some people who choose to live on a sailing boat for the rest of their life. In both scenarios, the boat becomes your home and provides you similar comforts to a hotel such as clean bed sheets to sleep, a bathroom to take a shower and a kitchen to cook your meals. This happens while you use precious pores and you take advantage of renewable energy to facilitate yourself. Here is how and why sailing can be “lifesaver”:

  • Your main kinetic energy is the wind.
    You sail to explore the golden and rocky beaches with the help of the winds. Thus, you limit your needs for fuels and there is no contribution to air emissions. Less emissions equal to a smaller ozone hole and helps with climate change.
  • You can get advantage of water resources efficiently and effectively.
    Drinking water is precious for daily activities and it becomes much more while you sail. Wash your dishes with sea water to clean them and then use drinking water to get rid of any unwanted salty taste on them. There is no need to waste drinking water or saving big quantities of water bottles on board.
  • You can choose natural and water friendly soaps or similar products instead of chemical ones.
    The water you use to wash your dishes goes back into the sea. When chemicals reach the water, they pose a threat to ocean life. They destroy water creatures like the fishes we eat and coral reefs. Would you like to eat a fish that is not good for your health?
  • Try to keep your solar panels clean.
    Have you ever spotted a solar panel on a sailing boat? When you are not anchored at a port, there is no access to electricity. The solar panels are there to solve the problem. They save enough energy from the sun during the day and they are enough to cover your needs. The next morning, they will get refilled and ready for use. Keep the panels clean so you can utilise most of their capacity!
  • Always think about recycling wastes.
    Keep food wrappers and clean single use plastic containers in order to recycle them later. On your first stop at a port, look for a recycle bin and keep plastics away from the waters. In that way, you prevent further waste of resources as new products can be made by your recycling contribution.
  • Many people find the opportunity to clean a beach.
    Sometimes when you discover the best isolated beach, you may also find plastics and rubishes. Usually, waves drift and spread them miles away. Take a pair of gloves, a bag and start collecting them. It is even better if you can recycle them too!

No action of the above will restrict you from having fun and enjoying your holidays. Most of them happen even without noticing. Once you go back home, you will find yourself acting differently as you will have developed an environmental friendly mentality.

Save the planet and have fun while enjoying your holidays!